School of Physical Education and Sports


The science of sports is developing and growing more important gradually in today’s world and the Department of Recreation keeps this point in mind and sets out to train the qualified staff and managers needed by this sector, applying a syllabus towards this purpose.

Recreation is a branch of sports focused on training the fitness manager, expert, trainer and conditioner who will work at healthy life and fitness centres, condition halls and open and closed sports facilities. The students who choose this department will learn the theories, principles ad approaches of training on one hand while learning the theories and methods of coaching, an important field of study of sports science. In this way, unlike its colleagues engaged in performances sports, the fitness coaches work at facilities and centres offering right service to enhance the life standards of the participants and to extend the approach of ‘lifelong sports’ or ‘sports for all’ to a wider part of the society.

The Department of Recreation aims to conduct the syllabus with contemporary philosophy by means of technologic education means and tools and to make the courses more efficient and effective for our students.

The graduates of the Department of Recreation can work;

in tourism sector;

  • as animators for recreational activities of water sports,
  • as animators for recreational activities of land sports,
  • as animators for socio-cultural recreational activities (folk dances, dances, music, festivals, exhibitions, etc.),
  • as animators for recreational activities at health tourism facilities,
  • as animators for recreational activities for children;

in business sectors (industry),

at local administrations (municipality),

at Sports General Directorate (youth camps), and

at universities.

The Department of Recreation first plans the syllabus by determining the needs of the sector and then aims to train the sports managers of the future through such theoretical ad practical courses as Free Time and Recreation, Practical Optional Courses, Free Time Sociology, Theatre and Dramatic Practices, Therapeutic Recreation, Camping, Recreational Tourism, Rhythm Training, Entrepreneurship and Risk Management.
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